A Life that’s Good

As the 2nd semester of graduate school came to a close I found myself constantly thinking about my dreams.  Not my goals… Let’s be very clear there… My dreams.  You see, I am a young lady who finds herself very passionate about a lot of different things.

Agriculture being one.  I grew up on a small dairy cattle operation in Central Texas where I learn lots of valuable life lessons.  My father is responsible for this.  Daddy was always out there with the cows so I wanted to be too.  Agriculture was the thing that bonded my father and I.  I could go on and on about the different life lessons and stories I have but I will save that for later.

My mother is the reason music is a passion of mine.  She has one of the most beautiful singing voices I have ever heard.  Her entire family is musically inclined.  My uncle self taught himself to play all kinds of instruments and my cousin Mason is a bad ass on the guitar!  I only recently started really singing (http://thebadseeds.com/abbi/drinkin_1a.mp3).  I can remember when I was little I would use my trophies I won showing cattle as my Academy of County Music Awards.  I would stand on the fire place and thank whomever was in the living room at the time for “The honor of winning this ACM and all my fans for making this possible.” Awww… How cute!?! I know…

Fashion has always been in my blood.  My family once owned Katz Department store in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  My Aunt Judy is a self proclaimed fashionista who passed upon her love for good clothing to me.  Unfortunately, I have champagne taste on a beer budget.  But one thing I will splurge on is a good pair of boots… I must admit I am a little bit of a boot whore.  But I do not wear high heels anymore so in my mind that makes my excessive purchasing of boots alright.  I have started an online jewelry store named the GoldenRose and my plan, come December, is to open a store front.  I want to expand to clothing and boots, naturally.  But my main struggle has been how to incorporate all of my dreams and passions into one entity.

After much thought… I have come to the conclusion that what is meant to happen will happen.  I have been more than blessed in my life.  Everything I have ever worked for I have achieved; so I am just going to ride that pony until the end.  I have a pretty good game plan.  And hey, maybe me winning an ACM is not in the cards but “at the end of the day Lord I pray I have a life that’s good.”


Stay Golden,






4 thoughts on “A Life that’s Good

  1. Oh Abbi – Gail! I love you dearly! I pray you have the best time imaginable in Aussie land! Miss you sugar butt!

  2. Hi i was looking up history on the katz department store in stillwater and found that your family was the owners of this store one upon a time. I was looking up this history because i have a ring that came from there. I saw that you are interested in jewelry and want to open a store for yourself. Girl that would be awesome. This ring that i have is very interesting and a piece of katz history that you might like to have for a center piece in one of your jewelry showcases. If you are interested i can send you pics of what it looks like and then if you would like to have it we will consider how much we want too let it go for. My number to get a hold of me is 405-305-2910 ask for amanda or John and we will be happy to speak with you

  3. I see you were related to the owners of Katz Department Store in Stillwater. I am related to the family–although very distantly. I’d love to know more. My blog is a genealogy blog, and right now I am studying my Katz relatives. Hope to hear from you!

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